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Service areas

When your equipment has failures that prevent the normal development of your activities, you can count on our corrective repair service in which our qualified personnel to carry out any repairs, will diagnose in a rigorous and honest way the operation of your equipment to provide you with the security that you will have. promptly from your team in good working order.

We have personnel trained and certified by the production houses and with all the necessary physical and technological tools to carry out repairs under the high quality standards demanded by the industry.

As part of our quality process we do not make repairs quotes without first having a rigorous verification of the instrument, you can obtain a diagnosis of damage and your due quote completely free and with it, you can make a decision based on a real report of the damages to repair.

On this page you can check the status of your repair in real time.

The topographic equipment is of decisive importance in the development of any project. To ensure proper operation over time for your team, we have the best human and technological team to ensure that your team works efficiently during the development of any project.

Preventive maintenance not only helps keep your equipment within the manufacturer's accuracy parameters, but also protects your investment by being able to detect early failures of some parts that can be replaced before delivering complex damage to the equipment and thus save money in future damages and be able to always have your equipment available for the development of your projects.

In the same way, due to the difficult conditions in which Topography instruments provide their service, they are exposed to dust, rain, grease, etc., elements that harm the perfect functioning of the mechanical and electronic components of the equipment, which makes it necessary the periodic review of said components as well as their deep cleaning.

Here you can check the status of your equipment that is in calibration service in our technical laboratory, or if you wish you can pre-register your equipment to save time at the time of delivery and service provision.

Accuracy and accuracy are qualities immersed in the topographic processes and they give rise to the success of the entrusted projects. That is why we offer you our equipment calibration service, where our personnel perform the adjustment and calibration procedures of your equipment with the best technology and with high quality standards, guaranteeing your equipment optimal performance in each period under the recommendations of the manufacturers.

The calibrations must be carried out according to the use of the equipment and working conditions, the calibration certificates are conventionally issued with a validity of 6 months, although depending on the use of the equipment, in some cases, they may require shorter periods in order to guarantee its perfect operation, in this page you can check the veracity of the certificates issued by our technical laboratory, as well as get a copy of it if required.